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Vinyl Feature Wall Wrap Graphics

Vinyl Feature Wall Wrap Graphics

Create a Statement with a Feature Wall Wrap

An office with plain white walls can be very uninspiring. This can easily be revamped with the addition of a feature wall. Feature walls can be anything from a bright block of colour with a logo in the middle, or full wall wrap graphics. We’ve done many of these over the years and it is a popular addition to any office or showroom.

Get your customers attention as soon as they arrive!

Wall Graphics Printing Ideas

Adding your logo in Wall Vinyl to a painted wall is a very cost effecting way of branding up your workspace. 

Or if you have a bigger picture in mind, we can supply and fit a full custom printed wall graphics.

One quick thing to bear in mind. Wall graphics are not just stickers on the wall. They are a special adhesive vinyl designed for application to a wall. The adhesive is much stronger than standard vinyl, which means that stays on the wall when fitted correctly.

Full Wall Wrap graphics at hair salon

Below Are Examples of Wall Graphics Work

  • Advanced Cutting Tools, based in Hebburn provide a tailor-made service to provide customers with the best cutting tools for the job. As a result, they don't have a lot of customers passing through their sales office, but keeping everything on

  • Dalziel Ingredients, located in Felling, Gateshead wanted to add some Wall Graphics to their reception area to add a splash of colour. The white walls in the room were uninspiring, so trying to add a focal point was important. As

  • Seven Stories in the Ouseburn has been open to the public since 2005. Last year we were approached by Sheridan Design to create the internal reception signage with acrylic wall letters. I thought it would be fun to create the letters

  • Wall graphics are hot at the moment. Grabbing your attention in stark spaces adds detail and interest in a plain environment. Hooper Signs have been doing wall graphics in a big way for the past 10 years. At the Sunderland

  • Shout Digital is a digital agency with a key eye for brand development. Their own office in Newcastle has several feature walls that pull you straight in. Our work was to install this relatively simple wall graphics design to their

  • Mediaworks online marketing, have recently moved into their new offices on Team Valley. The deluxe office facility features open-plan offices, meeting rooms large glazed spaces. I dare say that our role inside this building was to create a feature wall(s). The feature

  • Feature walls and focal points are very important in setting the right impressions in your business. We have noticed a huge increase in customers requiring wall graphics and focal designs. We worked with Aptus Shopfitting Ltd to create these Television /

  • Getting married is a big business. I remember from the planning days of my wedding that the variety of products available is vast. Standing out from the crowd is key at Wedding Events. Oldsmobile approached us to print some panels for

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your print any images on to wall graphics?

Most images or graphics can be printed to become wall graphics. The only restriction on that is the quality. If you only have a very small version of the photo or image, then the printing won’t be fantastic. For best results, we would need a high-resolution image at a large size. We can help you source these if needed.

Aren’t Wall graphics just “Stickers for Walls”?

Wall graphics are a special type of sticker for walls.
However, We are aware that there are companies selling wall stickers that are just standard vinyl. There is a chance that these will start to curl and fall off the wall. If it’s for your home and you’re after something cheap, sure you can take the chance. If it’s for your business you want something to last!

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