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Acrylic Wall Graphics

Seven Stories in the Ouseburn has been open to the public since 2005. Last year we were approached by Sheridan Design to create the internal reception signage.

I thought it would be fun to create the letters with a “boiled sweet” quality! Sheridan Design’s logo was brightly coloured and captures the spirit of the place really well. However I felt making a flat coloured graphic would deaden the impact of the sign.


The solution we created was polished clear acrylic lettering with the chosen colours backing up the acrylic. This means the colour bounces around the inside of the block like a prism.clear-acrylic-letters

The lettering has a Boiled sweet / jelly like quality to them.

coloured-prespex-lettering polished-acrylic


The finished sign is located behind reception at the Seven Stories, Ouseburn.bright-acrylic-letters

Design by Sheridan Design