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Dalziel Ingredients – Feature Wall Graphics

Dalziel Wall Wrap Graphics

Dalziel Ingredients, located in Felling, Gateshead wanted to add some Wall Graphics to their reception area to add a splash of colour. The white walls in the room were uninspiring, so trying to add a focal point was important. As Dalziel’s product is herbs and spices, it was easy to find a way of adding colour and relevancy to the install.

Custom Printed Wall Graphics

We worked with the customer to find out what they were wanting to add to the room. The only way to realistically achieve this was to provide a full wall wrap. This meant printing the full graphic onto wall vinyl, rather than adding smaller contour cut sections.

Feature Wall Graphics

The Wall Graphic was applied in 3 vertical drops (like wallpaper). Although there are joins they are unnoticeable as the wall vinyl has a semi-matte finish. It is also important to line up the graphics to match the join too.

Printed Wall Graphics

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