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3D Acrylic Letters

Black 3D acrylic letters

Acrylic Letters Stand Out!

Out of all the different option to make 3D letters Acrylic letters are a popular go-to signage solution. Available in various thicknesses and a variety of colours, in a lot of cases it can be a very cost-effective option.

Acrylic letters can be fitted flat to a background or by adding stand-off locators you can put acrylic letters on a wall.

Acrylic is not just for letters, it’s for bespoke signs.

3D Acrylic lettering ideas.

Adding dimension to your branding and signage can add more impact. While self adhesive vinyl letters are very versatile, adding the thickness of cut out acrylic can bring more attention.

Specialising in Shop Fascia signs, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. However the one thing that has kept constant is eye catching shop signs have dimension to them.

3d acryic letters on wall

Below Are Examples of Acrylic Lettering Work

  • Castle Scaffold has just moved and decorated their new office. As part of their decor plans, they mentioned a brick wall with a clock on it. Above the clock, they wanted their logo. The options available are either metal lettering

  • Seven Stories in the Ouseburn has been open to the public since 2005. Last year we were approached by Sheridan Design to create the internal reception signage with acrylic wall letters. I thought it would be fun to create the letters

  • Wall graphics are hot at the moment. Grabbing your attention in stark spaces adds detail and interest in a plain environment. Hooper Signs have been doing wall graphics in a big way for the past 10 years. At the Sunderland

  • Sherlocks Hair in Durham needed their Fascia with updating with Acrylic letters. The hair salon has four bases in the North East. Located in Newcastle, Sunderland, Metro Centre and Durham. We were asked to remake the lettering for the sign as it

  • David Kennedy's River Cafe has recently been updated inside and out with new restaurant signs. The sign work involved removing the old rotten wooden sign, which was layered up with 3 more signs. Instead of removing the old signs, previous occupants

  • Mediaworks online marketing, have recently moved into their new offices on Team Valley. The deluxe office facility features open-plan offices, meeting rooms large glazed spaces. I dare say that our role inside this building was to create a feature wall(s). The feature

  • Well, I'm pleased to say that our sign skills are much better than my photography skills. Sometimes it's best to leave the professionals to what they do best. Keltie Cochrane¬†a creative marketing company based in the newly finished Toffee Factory, Newcastle,

  • We've just recently finished this project over in Alnwick. Mojo Toys & Gifts is a brand new toy shop based in Fenkle Street. The owners Philip and Moira approached us to develop their shop signage from their concept. We suggested cut

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any shape letter be done in acrylic?

Most lettering / logo shapes can be cut in acrylic. The only restriction is if the shape is too thin or intricate. This could lead to it cracking and breaking.
Another thing to consider is if the acrylic letters are to be on stand off fixings. The face acrylic needs to be bigger than the fixing, otherwise it will look unsightly.

How much will it cost?

This is very much dependant on the size of the acrylic needed and the amount of shapes / letters to be cut out of the material.

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