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Car Graphics

Why Car Graphics and Branded Vehicles work.

Car Graphics can gain more attention that van graphics and another vehicle livery. The reason for this is it is un-expected! Generally speaking you expect vans to have the branding all over the sides. However when you see a car with branding on it stands out as something different.

You can use car branding for subtle brand awareness to show that it is a company car. Or use it as a statement piece to get your advertising visable.

Develop your marketing further with car branding.
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We Supply and Fit Car Branding and Graphics

The main difference between Van graphic design and Car graphic design is “panels”. Where vans have an obvious area for the branding or details to go, cars are a free flowing canvas. Beyond a simple logo on a door, the larger branding needs to work with the cars shape and become part of the vehicle’s design.

Specialising in vinyl vehicle graphics Hooper Signs worked with many different types of customer for car vinyl graphics. We’ve worked with everything from striping, roof wraps, rally car decals, subtle corporate branding to much larger impact marketing campaigns.

Car Graphics Newcastle upon Tyne

View Examples of Our Car Graphics

  • Love Leaf Tea contacted us to help develop a vehicle livery design that tied in with their current branding. After a meeting discussing some options, they put us in touch with their graphics designer that had worked on their branding

  • It's been a while since we applied graphics to this car, but we recently spotted it and thought this is a great opportunity to show you our car graphics and how well they last. The Car is 4 years old

  • Car graphics are an essential part of marketing your business if you are locally based! If you compare the cost of pushing flyers through doors, versus a vehicle livery you may be surprised. This is the second lot of car graphics

  • I thought I'd show you a photo of a Fiat 500 we recently wrapped for Capital Radio. We were so proud of the clean pristine finish when it left our Newcastle sign shop. The logo has a nice soft shadow, that is

  • Vehicle graphics are a very cost-effective form of advertising for your business. Not only is it good for brand strengthening, but it also raises public awareness too. chose to create a partial wrap using their existing fiat 500's base colour.

  • Ponteland based Maysan foods, have put this promotional smart car on the road. Our brief was to mirror the branding used on their market-leading curry sauce. We were sent over some packaging to gain inspiration. One of the subtle details that became the

  • With the Fiat 500 being just launched, this eye-catching vehicle is sure to be a perfect marketing substrate for Saltwater. The car is partially wrapped with black vinyl to create a continuous skyline around all four sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my car after the graphics are fitted?

We recommend that you leave the graphics 48 hours to adhere to the vehicle properly before any cleaning. Cleaning the car can be done in a normal manner, but extra care should be taken around the graphics. A cloth could potentially catch a corner of a letter. If you’re using a jet wash, do not focus the nozzle on the graphics. The intense power can clean off ingrained grime, but can also lift edges of the vinyl too.

How much will my car graphics cost?

There are many variances in a car branding design and as a result, there are many different prices. Think about how much coverage you are looking for on the vehicle. Is it the sides and rear panels only? Are you wanting a small logo on the side doors? Or have you decided that you want the full vehicle wrap?

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