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Full and Partial Vehicle Wraps

Why get a Partial Vehicle Wrap ?

We’re a strong believer in guiding businesses into the right financial choice. Why change the colour of your white van to blue with a full van vinyl wrap, when it doesn’t make financial sense? Ask the questions, “Does this add value to your business?” or “is it essential for the company branding?”. We find that the majority of times a partial wrap gains more impact.

Adding Van graphics to a partial wrap or full wrap will then keep your branding together.

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Part Vehicle wrapping newcastle

Full Vehicle Wraps and Partial Vehicle Wraps

If we’re totally honest, we’ve been fitting vehicle wraps in some form even before you could vehicle wrap!

Vehicle Wrapping is great for adding high impact colour changes, specialist colours or gaining the WOW factor from a large graphical design/element. That is where the grey area comes in. What is classed as a partial vehicle wrap? We consider anything design that needs to conform to the indented areas of a vehicle a wrap. If it is sitting on a flat area, it isn’t a wrap, but as soon as the graphic needs to stretch around a corner, then it is upgraded.

Full Van Vinyl Wrap Newcastle
Vehicle Wrapping Newcastle

View Examples of Our Vehicle Wrap Work

  • Do we do vehicle wraps? We get asked about vehicle wrapping quite often and the answer is Yes and No! Yes, we can and do vehicle wraps, but we try to focus only on the commercial market. So wrapping your

  • Love Leaf Tea contacted us to help develop a vehicle livery design that tied in with their current branding. After a meeting discussing some options, they put us in touch with their graphics designer that had worked on their branding

  • Updating your van livery doesn't need to mean everything changes! Companies update their logos and sometimes what looks great on paper, doesn't translate to eye-catching on a van. BIC's Logo update was one of those, but we worked with them

  • It's been a while since we applied graphics to this car, but we recently spotted it and thought this is a great opportunity to show you our car graphics and how well they last. The Car is 4 years old

  • We have literally just finished rebranding 2 vehicles for Edwards Commercial Cleaning. The family-owned commercial cleaning business has recently decided to change to the look of their livery to try and reflect a friendlier, less industrial look. The previous design focused

  • We've just finished vehicle livery on 6 Transits for Robertson. This order was a little different from others! The petrol green colour was a specific shade of vinyl that is only available if bought in bulk from the manufacturer. So for

  • Cavendish, have just rebranded their corporate image. The previous bright orange background has been swapped out for a more soothing aqua. This new colour also ties into the fact that they are now installing Bathrooms on a larger scale. Their vehicle

  • I thought I'd show you a photo of a Fiat 500 we recently wrapped for Capital Radio. We were so proud of the clean pristine finish when it left our Newcastle sign shop. The logo has a nice soft shadow, that is

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will it take to fit the Vehicle Wrap?

This is based up the amount of material and areas that we are covering. A “simple” partial wrap could be finished in the day. However, a full-colour change wrap could take 3 – 5 days.

How much will a van wrap cost?

Van wrapping can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some are really awkward shapes, while others are relatively flat. The Size of the vehicle is the next influencer on the vehicle wrap costs. How much wrap vinyl do we need to cover the vehicle? Finally, the colour/material we are going to use. Generally, we use Avery Supreme Wrap vinyl and some colours are double the cost of others! So, unfortunately, there isn’t a standard answer.

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