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Lorry Graphics and Truck Signage

Adding lorry graphics is a huge benefit to your marketing.

Trucks, lorries and trailers are essentially huge mobile advertisements. Keeping your name and brand in front of your target audience. Over the past 40 years we’ve looked after the branding and truck graphics for may haulage, removal and transport companies. Keeping your design of vehicle livery the same across a full fleet is an important part of keeping your image.

Our in house facilities can look after everything from full coverage of your trailer to adding vinyl graphics to the cab.

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Lorry Graphics Newcastle

Signwriting on your Cab, Trailer or Both?

Every customers needs are different. So we listen to their branding requirements and don’t try and oversell to them! 

If you’re a haulage company picking up your customer’s trailers, then your cab branding and graphics are more important. Likewise, if your trailers are parked up or pulled by other haulage companies, then the advertising on the side of your trailer has huge potential for brand awareness. Balancing the two elements is key to not losing the attention of your audience.


Truck and Lorry graphics

View Examples of our Lorry and Truck Graphics

  •   We've just finished applying the the graphics to R. Minto & Son's latest Scania cab. This project was to livery up 2 cabs. The first one (the first 2 photos) was prepared for a trade show.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my lorry graphics after they are fitted?

We recommend that you leave the graphics a 48 hours to adhere the vehicle properly before any cleaning. Cleaning the van can be done in a normal manner, but extra care should be taken around the graphics. A cloth could potentially catch a corner of a letter. If your using a jet wash, do not focus the nozzle on the graphics. The intense power can clean off engrained grime, but can also lift edges of the vinyl too.

How much will it cost?

There are many variances in a livery design and as a result there are many different prices. Think about how much coverage you are looking for on the cab, truck or trailer. Is it the sides and rear only? Are you wanting a small logo on the doors only? Or have you decided that you want the full trailer wrapped?

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