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Metal 3D Letter Signs

Metal 3d letters for signs

Add Depth with Metal 3D Letter Signs

Built-up Metal 3D Lettering adds the next level up of WOW factor. It doesn’t have to be the full shop sign. Simply creating the depth of your business name can bring the focus point to your branding.
Metal Letters for signs can be a variety of finishes including polished and brushed stainless steel, gold polished and powder coated to your brands colour scheme.

The 3D Metal is bespoke for you, so it’s not restricted to just letters!

3D Metal Lettering Ideas.

Adding dimension to your branding and signage can add more impact. While self-adhesive vinyl letters are very versatile, adding the dimension of built up metal can bring more focus.

Specialising in Shop Fascia signs, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. However, the one thing that has kept constant is eye-catching shop signs have dimension to them.

Built up meta letters for fitzgeralds

Below Are Examples of 3D Metal Lettering Work

  • We're so excited about this neon halo illuminated signage feature wall installation. We make and install signs every day and every so often a simple design/sign makes us smile as we walk away and say "That is the sign of

  • First of all, I'll say again, we are better at signs than we are in photography. Although one of the partners here at Hooper signs is doing a photography course. The project here was to create a curved fascia sign with

  • Mediaworks online marketing, have recently moved into their new offices on Team Valley. The deluxe office facility features open-plan offices, meeting rooms large glazed spaces. I dare say that our role inside this building was to create a feature wall(s). The feature

  • We've literally just got back in from finishing a signage update for Olive & Bean in Newcastle. The update is clean, simple but very effective. Business owner, Michael Woods contacted Wonder Stuff Studio to create some visuals and design concepts for the

  • Ayo Digital have recently relocated into the brand new Northern Design Centre, Gateshead. The development has attracted a lot of attention with its modern office design. We were asked to look into an option for adding Ayo Digital's logo onto their

  • After extending their sports facilities, Blyth Valley Borough Council started to create a brand throughout the area. We were asked to create new signage. The main project consisted of vinyl graphics and built up fabricated lettering. Other smaller projects on this

  • King Design approached us with a concept for creating two feature walls in their new office at Cramlington. Polished stainless steel lettering on a flat coloured background. The "'king" part was 900mm high letters with a 75mm return built onto the

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any shape letter be done in built up metal?

Most lettering/logo shapes can be made out of metal. The only restriction is if the shape is too thin or intricate. To create built-up letters in metal the flat face gets sides welded to them. If there isn’t enough space to get into the back of the letter to weld on the sides, then it can’t be done.

How much will it cost?

This is very much dependant on the size and type of the metal needed and the amount of shapes / letters to be cut out of the material. The same requirements are with acrylic letters too.

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