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Custom Aluminium Tray Signs

Hooper Signs have been providing tray signs for our customers shop fronts and posts signs for over 25 years. A tray sign is a perfect starting point to elevate your branding and graphics. A custom made tray panel looks clean, uncluttered and arguabley the best option for signage.

What is an Aluminium Sign Tray?

While we provide a signage service to end users (business owners), we know that a lot of trade terms get used. So we would like to try end explain what is involved with aluminum sign trays.

A tray sign starts as a flat sheet of aluminium, which is then folded/welded into a box shape. The best we or describing this is to compare it to the lid of a jigsaw box. So, the face is flat and the sides are folded to create a rigid sign system.

We only provide tray signs that are manufactured from 3mm or 2mm solid aluminium. These are then powder coated to match a RAL colour or wet sprayed to match alternative colours in a customers artwork.

One of the main benefits of a sign tray is that the method for fixing it to the wall or shop is hidden from view. The top & bottom edges of the fabrication are where the fixing screws will end up. Rather than through the face of the sign panel.

Multiple sign trays can be interlocked to create longer signage too.

Powder coated Aluminium Tray sign can be shaped for a bespoke sign option.

3D Acrylic lettering ideas.

3mm Aluminium vs 3mm ACM

Aluminium sign trays manufactured from 3mm Aluminium are very strong. The folded sides retain the same thickness of of the sheet at their folded corner. This makes the tray rigid.

To make a sign tray from 3mm Aluminiun Composite Material, the panel is thinned down with a V-shaped cutter. This removes upto 70% of the material leaving a 0.3mm thick aluminium foil. Many sign comapanies fabricate tray signs with Aluminium Composite Materials, but we don’t! The reason is we’ve seen edges that have been weakend through thinning down the folded edges. As the sign gets fixings fitted to the building via the top and bottom edges, we would like to know that these part won’t break off.

Below Are Examples of Acrylic Lettering Work

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How do you install an Aluminium Sign Tray?

Installation is relatively easy.

Behind the sign tray we would install 2 aluminium angles. ONe for the top and one for the bottom. These are spaced to allow the fabrication to slide on to them. Similar to a Lid of a Jigsaw Box. Once the sign tray is against the wall, then the fixings can be added into the top and bottom edges.

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