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Shout “Wall Graphics”



Shout Digital are a digital agency with a key eye for brand development. Their own office in Newcastle has several feature walls that pull you straight in. Our work was to install this relatively simple design to their painted wall. Other companies with in their premises had also have vinyl graphics applied to the walls in normal vinyl.

This is where we try to be slightly different. We have been there done that and paid the price. By applying normal vinyl to a wall you can almost guarantee that it will peel off and look poor. This is why we insist on using a wall vinyl for wall graphics. It may cost slightly more but will be worth it long term.

The graphic below was done about a year ago and we recently installed a second one on another wall. The original graphics was as good as the day we installed it. However other wall graphics in the building that we hadn’t been involved with had started to peel off.

The story here is use the right product for the right job.


Shout Digital are based in Newcastle and London. There website is viable hereĀ http://www.shoutdigital.com/