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We get asked a lot of questions and some of them are very important while others are slightly bizarre. So instead of calling us up with the usually questions, hopefully we can help answer some of them here.

How much will my sign cost?

Believe it or not, sometimes this is the most information we are given. From here we have to try to tease the details out of our customers. For example, Where is the sign going? What sort of application is it? ie. Shop fascia, notice board, no parking sign, sign on posts etc. After getting a rough idea the next important factor is the size of the sign. A small sign has a small price and a large one has a bigger price. Normally we will call out and measure up for our customers, unless they have the information on hand for a quick quotation. Each job is different, so nearly every one has a different price.

What's the biggest sign you can make?

In a printed sticker form the largest we can print in one piece is 1550mm x 50 metres. If your after a rigid panel the majority of materials are available in 2500mm x 1250mm or 3000mm x 1550mm. Anything larger than this would involve joins.

How soon will my sign be ready?

Another frequent question that has an infinite answer. Most signs are available within a week, there are some exceptions to this though. If we are extremely busy we could be looking into next week. The other side on this question is if you’re not 100% sure what your after, then the time frame can’t really be defined. If we’ve designed something and your happy with it in one go, we can start production straight away. If there are alterations, colour changes, wording to be amended etc. the time frame is still expanding. We can only really say a definite goal date when the designs are approved.

Can you make it any cheaper?

Yes! Of course we can make the product cheaper and are happy to do so in the correct situation. The systems and materials we use every day have allowed us to move our business forward. When we’ve made a sign we don’t expect to have to return to it. We use premium vinyls for our graphics for this purpose. BUT, if your after a short-term sign or product, we can use cheaper shorter life materials. We don’t use these as standard and unless we are told the graphics are only short-term we would spec it for longevity.

Will the graphics peel off my car?

Yes! All vinyl graphics can be removed from their vehicle. We generally use a hot air gun to warm up the vinyl and carefully peel away the film. Occasionally there is adhesive left behind (which is the awkward bit to remove), for this we’d use either an adhesive remover or something like Mr. Muscle multi-surface cleaner (test a small area first). If you are wanting your graphics removed pop in and we can give you an estimate on time it takes to remove and give you an indication on cost. Unfortunately it is a bit like stripping wallpaper. Sometimes it is easy other times it is a nightmare.

Why can I still see teh letters on my car after they have been removed?

When the vinyl is applied to a vehicle is forms a protective layer on the paints surface. Over time the sun’s UV fades the paintwork. You wouldn’t normally notice it as the whole panel fades at the same time. When you remove the vinyl you reveal the original paint colour. To counteract this you can polish the faded paint to bring it back up to its original glory.

Do you print business cards?

No we don’t. The only paper product that we do print however is posters. Our digital system enables us to print posters on a short run basis, very economically. When you look at larger quantities, in Business cards, leaflets, letterheads our system would be too expensive. Your better off ordering with a printer, we can recommend a few if you are interested.

What time are you open?

Our opening times are…
Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 5.00pm
Friday  9.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday 9.00am – 12.oopm
We are however flexible to help with your situation. For example if you can’t afford for your commercial vehicle to be off the road for too long. We could apply its graphics over night!