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Smart Fitness – Wall Graphics

Smart Fitness approached us to hand paint their logo / branding onto a wall inside their gym.  When we saw that the surface was a rough breeze block, we instantly knew that it would take a long time to fill the gaps with paint.  When we saw that their logo had 6 different colours in it, we knew that it would take a lot of colour matching.

One of our suppliers approached us early in 2009 and showed us new material for “wrapping” walls. We tried it out on a few internal jobs, before accepting it for public use. True to their word the new digital printing vinyl, did adhere to and “wrap” brickwork. This meant that a job that was previously requiring a traditional signwriter, could now be modernised.

Below is a close up of the vinyl applied to the breeze blocks. As you can see all the rough texture of the block is visible as the material has taken to the surface of the block. Smart Fitness’s wall had been painted dark grey, but the wrap will adhere to bare bricks too.

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