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Orange Bus, Orange Halo

We’re so excited about this “simple” wall decoration that we have just finished at Orange Bus, we had to update straight away. We make and install signs everyday and every so often a simple design / sign makes us smile as we walk away and say “That is sign of the week”. It is a competition that doesn’t really exist until we have finished “that” sign. Orange bus’s reception wall sign was that sign.

We were asked to create a LED Halo logo for their reception wall. A simple request that when we visited on site shouted out a problem. Halo lighting looks great at night time, in the daytime it is harder to see. Orange Bus’s reception area consists of white walls and bright lighting. The worst situation for LED halo lighting. After analysing all this we suggested Neon. Neon offers a much brighter halo effect with less of the potential issues.



Here is the neon halo lighting mounted onto a clear background. This allows for 360 degrees of light. The transformer is hidden inside the sign, which makes the whole job a lot more tidy upon the installation.neo-logo-on-clear


When the face panel is added it prevents the light coming forwards and bounces all illumination backwards off the wall. neonhalo-logo

The glow is even and very bright, considering it is daylight next to a window and in a brightly lit office.neon-halo-logo

This has been a delightful project for us this week.

Thanks to Orange Bus for the work http://orangebus.co.uk/