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halo illuminated signage – Orange Bus Newcastle

We’re so excited about this neon halo illuminated signage feature wall installation. We make and install signs every day and every so often a simple design/sign makes us smile as we walk away and say “That is the sign of the week”. It is a competition that doesn’t exist until we have finished “that” sign. Orange Bus’s reception wall sign was that sign.

We were asked to create a LED Halo logo for their reception wall. A simple request that when we visited on-site shouted out a problem. Halo lighting looks great at night time, in the daytime, it is harder to see it’s glow. Orange Bus’s reception area consists of white walls and bright lighting. The worst situation for LED halo lighting. After analysing all this we suggested a Neon sign. Neon offers much brighter halo illuminated signage with less of the potential issues.

Halo Illuminated Sign

How to Install Halo Illuminated Signage

Here is the neon halo lighting mounted onto a clear acrylic background. This allows the neon to radiate 360 degrees of light. The transformer is also hidden inside the sign, which makes the whole job a lot more tidy upon the installation. We also prefer to hide the wiring into the wall as cables are unsightly and look a mess. With the transformer concealed in the sign, we ran the cable down the inside of the wall to the nearest wall socket.

(If you’re eagle-eyed you will spot it pinned along the top of the skirting board in the photo above.

halo illuminated signage

When the face panel is added it prevents the light coming forwards and instead bounces all bright neon orange illumination backwards off the wall.

Bright Neon halo Sign

The halo illuminated signage glow is even and very bright, considering it is daylight next to a window and in a brightly lit office. This is the reason this logo was built as a neon sign rather than led lighting.

Halo Illuminated signs

This has been a delightful project for us this week. The customer was over the moon with the project and it hit everybody’s expectations.

We’ve had many customers come to us after using younger sign companies, where a project hasn’t quite hit the mark. Most of this is down to experience. With over 60 years in the sign industry, we’ve continued to move with the times and learned through our experiences. The main important piece of knowledge we needed to have was knowing the difference between Neon and LED lighting. LED is getting better and better all the time, but Neon still has it’s place.

Thanks to Orange Bus for the work