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Miller Ground Breaking – Glass Plaques

Miller UK Ltd, display their achievements outside their property in Cramlington. Unfortunately after 7 years of being exposed to the elements the signs needed to be revamped, so they approached us to help.

The replacement signs were 10mm toughened glass with etched  stainless steel panels bonded to the face.

We’ve always insisted on glass sign panels being toughened as it increases the safety of the product. This meant that the signs couldn’t be simply swapped over like for like. Our replacement had to be 20mm bigger to allow the panel to be drilled and then toughened.

The edges of the glass are slightly beveled to give a much cleaner, safer finish. Here you can see the different finishes to the plaque. The BSI logo in the background is simply etched, whit the important visible text is infilled with black and colours.