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At Hooper signs we are enjoy being involved with local projects. There is something special about the feeling that you know hundreds or thousands of people will see you signage and find it usefull. Every job doesn’t have to be flashing neon lights or full colour illustrations.

The most important role of most signs is being informative and attractive.

As part of the redevelopments at Blyth beach, Blyth Valley Council designed an energy efficient amenity building. The building will be for the community and become a new base for the lifeguards.

The signage we created was to help informand guide visitors to the relavant sections. The powder coated, built up symbols and letters we used were to identify the public toilets, information kiosk and teh entrance into the building.

Other signage we developed was anti vandal information signs.

This sign below is located at RADAR Toilet facility. Other signs of this type at this building explained the solar heating system for the external showers .