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A Welcoming sign at the Mansion House

The Mansion House in Newcastle upon Tyne is “the residence of the Lord Mayor”. Any signage that had previously been in place was very subtle. There are a couple of existing brass plates on the stone columns on it’s entrance, but they are nearly invisible amongst the stone work.

We were approached by Mansion House to create a sign that was with in the council’s guidelines and be suitable for the local area.  The proposal had to go through planning permission.

We suggested an aluminium tray sign mounted between 2 posts. This allows a tidy, clean and long lasting solution. We create this type of sign quite often as we believe in providing a solution that will be maintenance free to a long time.  The sign itself is powder coated with vinyl graphics on it’s face.

Since we’ve been keeping our website up to date, we have been asked quite often if we have any photos of the back of our signs. So as requested here is the back of the sign.

We have powder coated the full tray sign (front and back). The post has been mounted with 3 bolts on either side. This keeps the fixings to a minimum, but gives the sign enough strength to withstand the elements. There are other options for this type of sign, which includes a backing tray panel, but this sign was a face tray only.

You can visit their website at http://www.newcastlemansionhouse.co.uk/