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The White Vinyl for the Right Job!

As I was adding another roll of white vinyl to our collection, something made me remember a customers request a few years ago.
“Can I have some vinyl lettering for my wall?”
My answer at the time was “No!”. The reason was that you can’t just stick any material onto any surface. You need the right material for the job. If you were to stick normal vinyl onto an emulsion wall, the chances are it would peel off. Admittedly we have used various different wall vinyls, as one brand actually peeled off even though it was formulated for application to plastered walls. So sometimes even the right material for the job isn’t always the perfect solution. Sometimes it is also down to experience.

This is why we have over 30 rolls of white in our print room. I actually couldn’t believe it when I counted this up today. We’ve got

  • Short and long term vinyl
  • Permanent and removable vinyl
  • Matt and Gloss vinyl
  • Vinyl for wrapping the contours of vehicles
  • Vinyl for windows
  • Vinyl for illuminated signs
  • Vinyl that won’t let light through
  • Vinyl for Floor graphics
  • Finally, we have 3 different vinyls for wall graphics

And that’s just one section of our print room!