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Northern Design Centre

We’ve done quite a bit of work over at the Northern Design Centre recently, so we thought we’d share a quick update.

The Nothern Design Centre is divided into studios for creative industries. The building is very modern and features a lot of glass. The problem comes where do you put your signage and as you creative neighbour is passing how do you keep some of your secrets secret?

Winning pitch wanted to add their logo and sub brand to the glass panel to identify their studio. These window graphics are a mixture of printed and cut graphics and solid colour cut vinyl.


Alius Media was divided into 2 jobs. The first was to add the black panel graphic to the glazing. We later added a larger frosted area to give a higher level of privacy. The requirements for this was to have a “piano black” background with the Alius rippled logo in the middle.


Flo Culture, similar to Alius above wanted branding, but also wanted the frosted panel too. This time it was about diffusing a large laser printer and cabling. Their logo is a custom printed colour, cut out to allow the glass to remain clear.