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Keltie Cochrane – 3D Acrylic Letters

Well, I’m pleased to say that our sign skills are much better than my photography skills. Sometimes it’s best to leave the professionals to what they do best.

Keltie Cochrane a creative marketing company based in the newly finished Toffee Factory, Newcastle, Contacted us before Christmas 2011 to build and install some wall art. The idea was illuminated lettering with no additional background. They were having a large black feature wall, which they wanted to display simply their logo.

The project involved building up acrylic lettering internally lit with LEDs. The photo below doesn’t really do the job justice, but until we obtain a better photograph this can give you the idea.

The lettering had a 75mm return and the cabling was all concealed inside the wall. We always think that a job like this looks half done if the wires are visible.

We also added a small amount of vinyl graphics to the wall, bullet pointing key aspects to their business.

We have enjoyed working with Keltie Cochrane and wish them all the best in their new office.