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Robertsons – Vehicle Livery

We’ve just finished vehicle livery on 6 Transits for Robertson. This order was a little different from others!

The petrol green colour was a specific shade of vinyl that is only available if bought in bulk from the manufacturer. So for this order, Robertson’s graphics department supplied rolls of the vehicle wrap vinyl for us to cut and apply.

Producing Fleet Vehicle Livery

It’s great when someone brings a design to us. They’ve done most of the hard work and it’s down to us to make an installation to meet their expectations. Designing something on a flat sheet of paper is one thing but hitting the realism of the curves of the van is the tough part. Dealing with the limitations of the vinyl only comes with experience.

The design was cut with minimal joins to allow for a smooth application. All logos were then applied on top in our vinyl.


The wrap continues around the corner of the transit until it meets the door gap.


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