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Silvermoor – Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping newcastle

Do we do vehicle wraps? We get asked about vehicle wrapping quite often and the answer is Yes and No! Yes, we can and do vehicle wraps, but we try to focus only on the commercial market. So wrapping your transit van is “up our street”, but wrapping your Lamborghini isn’t what we want to do. However, there is always some cross over in this. That is exactly how we worked with Silvermoor Haylage.

Silvermoor Van Wrapping and more

Silvermoor had had a previous Mercedes Sprinter dropside wrapped, but the company that had done it wasn’t around anymore. So they brought the work to us to look at. It quickly became obvious that the previous colour wasn’t a vehicle wrapping vinyl. So we looked through charts and suggestions and decided upon this Matt Metallic Purple, which gives a very luxurious feel to the vehicle.

The first vehicle we did for them was this Merc Sprinter Dropside. Colour changing the vehicle cab from white to Purple but adding their branding graphics on at the same time.

To wrap the van properly we need to remove door handles, lights, wing mirrors, the grill, vents, and mouldings. Stripping down and cleaning a vehicle, preparing for the vinyl wrap can take nearly as long as the actual fitting of the wrap.

Here you can see the finished job. The Matt Metallic Purple vinyl wrap, with a Gloss Lilac ghost logo overlayed with their logo in white.

Vehicle Wrapping on Agricultural Machines

After the initial successful completion of the van graphics, we were asked to partially wrap this Krone Baler. The machine is used to compact and bundle up hay into hay bales. The vehicle looks relatively flat but is slightly more complicated than the first inspection revealed.

Vehicle wrapping - Partial wrap

For the vehicle, we were asked to cover all the cream parts of the bodywork. Leaving the green as it. The sides were relatively straight forward in terms of wrapping. The bonnet, on the other hand, was a challenge as it is made from fibreglass and quite flexible.

Needless to say, the Agricultural vehicle warp as a success and the customer was happy with the finish. Which now means they have branding continuation through their fleet of vehicles.

Krone Vehicle wrap

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