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Dave’s Driving School – Car Graphics

Car graphics are an essential part of marketing your business if you are locally based! If you compare the cost of pushing flyers through doors, versus a vehicle livery you may be surprised.

This is the second lot of car graphics we have done for Dave’s Driving School. The First was on a Black Car, now the design was for a white car. I know that doesn’t sound that interesting. The problem with changing your vehicle colour is when you try and keep your branding coherent. For example, if Orange Mobiles changed their logo to a blue square?

Driving School Car Graphics

Here we tweaked the colours of Dave’s previous livery of black, silver and red, to become white, red and metallic dark grey. The design looks tidy and clean, without overcrowding the car. The focus of the car is still the driving school graphics with the “L-Plate” icon.

Driving School Car Graphics

The rear of cars can provide their own challenges. Car manufacturers like to advertise their branding on your car before you get a chance to. Again we tweaked the layout to accommodate.