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BIC Van Livery Update

Companies update their logos and sometimes what looks great on paper, doesn’t translate to eye catching on a van. BIC’s Logo update was one of those, but we worked with them to create something with impact. The BIC Logo was designed to be vertical.

Evolving a Vehicle Livery

As you can see on their old vehicle livery, it meant there was a lot of unused space / room to add lots of text.

By angling the logo across the side, we managed to shout BIC PLC, while still keeping all the other design elements to brand. Sometimes the rules need to be broken.

BIC Van LIvery

BIC Vehicle Livery

The Logo is produced in wrap vinyl as it is contoured to the vehicle. All the white text is cut out in our “Standard” vinyl. As with all our van liveries the idea is that they should out last the commercial life of the van. So we use 7 – 10 year materials, with the intention that the livery will last.

Vehicle / Van graphics are a great way to promote your business and are usually very cost effective.

BIC PLC Is a nationwide cleaning company. For more details about them visit http://www.bicplc.com