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Beauty at Gosforth Park – Car Graphics

It’s been a while since we applied graphics to this car, but we recently spotted it and thought this is a great opportunity to show you our car graphics and how well they last. The Car is 4 years old and the graphics are of a similar age.
You could class this as a partial vehicle wrap as the graphical tattoo style design conforms to the shape of the vehicle. It certainly isn’t a simple flat design.


The design was done by Mobious, with input from the client. Beauty at Gosforth Park is located within the Gosforth Park Marriott Hotel. The car has been kept in good condition which I dare say also reflects the reason the graphics are still perfect.

How long do car graphics last?

We have always used higher-end materials which should last in natural conditions for between 5 and 7 years. This is great at the moment as many companies are keeping their vehicles longer.
If we were to use a cheaper vinyl, you would see shrinkage on the graphics and peeling off at corners.

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