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Southcliff Holiday Apartments – Hand Painted Signs

Hand Painted Signs Newcastle

Hand painted signs are getting a revival. The arts and crafts style is very popular, but on a bespoke project, it isn’t a quick job. Creating and “crafting” the style and product takes time and a hand skill that computers alone don’t cover. Luckily Hooper Signs started as a hand-painted sign company and has continued to have an interest in these skills.

Developing a design concept into a hand painted sign

After our initial discussions with Southcliff Holiday Apartments, we picked upon on a quirky charm of the interiors of the apartments. So creating a standard square white sign, although would have been suitable, it wouldn’t have reflected the apartments.
So our concept leads us down the path of a white-washed beach style for the background. Created from floorboards, painted up with multiple layers and textures to give an acceptable effect.

Southcliff Holiday Apartments | Hand Painted Signs Newcastle

With the White Weather wood effect complete we decided to add a couple of starfish to the sign. This is where we hit a problem we’d never had before. Plastic starfish look like plastic starfish! We bought 2 in and they were neon orange, extra long legs and looked like toys. We knew they needed some work. So repainted and styled them to look more like “real” starfish.

Southcliff Holiday Apartments | Hand Painted Signs Newcastle

All the wording was added in the paint to look like the style we were aiming for. After it dried we sanded back the text to wear off parts of the paint. Then the hand painted sign / items / surfaces were given lots of coats of matt varnish to stop the high shine from the paints.

Southcliff Holiday Apartments | Hand Painted Signs Newcastle

Finally came the installation day. The concept meant the lettering was level, but the wooden planks were at an angle. We also created a fitting bracket on the back of the sign to hide the fixings.

Southcliff Holiday Apartments | Hand Painted Signs Newcastle

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