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Oldfields Pantry at Fenwicks

Oldfields Restaurant in Durham, have chosen a new approach to providing fresh food to their consumer market. The award wining restaurant wanted to try and expand it’s reach through out the region. The option that they’ve decided on was to supply their cuisine, in a frozen meal form.

Fenwicks, Newcastlle upon Tyne currently have two freezer units displaying the meals. The project was about turning these two units into something eye catching.

The work was deigned by Wonder Stuff Studio, who have worked with Oldfields for some years now. Our work was to turn the designs into reality. We produced a matt print and mounted them onto a black matt foamex panel. This meant that all visible edges would be black and add to the sketch work design. A white edge would have cheapened the feel.

Now you too can impress your partner with top quality food, as long as they don’t know where you bought it!!

Visit Oldfields at http://www.oldfieldsrealfood.co.uk/