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RESTAURANT SIGNS – David Kennedy’s River Cafe

restaurant outdoor signage

David Kennedy’s River Cafe has recently been updated inside and out with new restaurant signs.

The sign work involved removing the old rotten wooden sign, which was layered up with 3 more signs. Instead of removing the old signs, previous occupants had attached signs onto signs! We stripped it back down to the brick.

The design concept was inspired by David Kennedy’s other restaurant at the Biscuit Factory, which has wooden lettering. To keep the synergy we created a wood effect vinyl graphic, but also added an overlayer of 10mm thick acrylic lettering. Due to Council planning issues, we had to replace any illumination on a like for like basis. So the sign is illuminated from above via a trough light.

Restaurant signs

Restaurant signs with Trough light illumination

From the angle below you can see the depth of the white acrylic lettering. The backing panel is an aluminium tray sign, which gives it a nice clean tidy look. All the fixings are hidden in the top and bottom edges of the sign.


Dave Kenedy’s River Cafe