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Castle Scaffold – Acrylic Letters On Wall

Acrylic Letters Feature Wall

Castle Scaffold has just moved and decorated their new office. As part of their decor plans, they mentioned a brick wall with a clock on it. Above the clock, they wanted their logo. The options available are either metal lettering or acrylic letters. As Castle Scaffold’s logo is blue and we weren’t looking at a metallic finish, we looked at using acrylic (Perspex).

Acrylic Lettering on a Feature Wall

Acrylic Letters

Fixing Acrylic Letters

When mounting Acrylic letters on a wall, the first thing to consider is the fixings. To achieve a raised off finish we use a cup and stud fixing which gives a shadow gap of around 15mm. The locators are also brilliant to hide the anchor points used to secure the letters.

Acrylic Letters

The Brick wall was actually tiled to look like bricks, which proved difficult to drill, but with the help of a diamond-tipped drill bit. We eventually managed to drill all the holes. To put the drilling into perspective each acrylic letter has a minimum of three fixings. Which worked out at 42 holes, plugs, screws and cups on this wall.

Acrylic Letters

The effect the raised off acrylic letters has makes the logo stand out… and standoff.

Acrylic Letters

Although Castle Scaffolding has moved office, they are literally in the neighbouring room. To find out more about Castle Scaffold visit their website at