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Mediaworks – Featuring Feature Walls!

Mediaworks online marketing, have recently moved into their new offices on Team Valley. The deluxe office facility features open plan offices, meeting rooms large glazed spaces.

I dare say that our role inside this building was to create feature wall(s).

The feature walls in this project each covered different solutions and options. Here we have “Doddle” in the staff canteen area. Flat cut acrylic letters on stand-off locators. Mediaworks business is search engine optimisation and this slogan hints towards this.


As you enter the building you are met at a reception, which we installed, flat cut stainless steel letters. These were fitted flush to the textured wall surface. The lighting in this building is developed to highlight all the features in the right places. Here halogen spots are pin pointing the logo.


As you leave the reception area an open walk way through to the open plan offices has some built up lettering as it’s feature wall. These letters are built up stainless steel. They are mounted on stand-off locators, which means that there is a gap behind the lettering, this gives it an extra bit of depth.


Finally here we have the Mediaworks logo built up with a halo glow. The logo is built up aluminium and powder coated to match the corporate colour scheme. Even though this photo was taken in the day time, the halo glow really stands out. The reason for this is that we opted for a neon internal illumination.


The logo was built up to about 40mm thick. This is to allow the neon and transformers into the logo and for all the fixings to be hidden.


And this is what the logo looks like with out the face panel. The neon is snaked around the exterior of the logo to give maximum glow at the edges. Neon was used in the job as it gives a much brighter glow than LEDs.



You can visit mediaworks website at http://www.mediaworks.co.uk/

Design work by Cargo Creative