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Olympic Games creates signage opportunity

As the Olympics gets nearer, there are many opportunities available to make signs with the iconic symbol. The simple 5 ring design has stood the test of time and means so much.

Here is a sign system that has floated down the Thames as part of the build up to the main event. Organised by specialist event and brand experience agency Innovision, ‘Rings on the River’ cost more than £930,000 and used some 34 tonnes of steel to create the 25 x 11m structure. The rings utilised front lit enamelled aluminium sheeting for the front colours and LED illuminated 10mm opalescent acrylic for the back.

The signs looks even more spectacular when lit up at night.

Alternatively, if you don’t have that much spare cash, maybe this is a better option. Click here to find the instructable on making this Duck Tape Olympic Banner.

Of course the preferred option would be to order a Full colour Digitally printed banner from Hooper Signs (Hint Hint!!)